Yoga Basics 2: Creating Stability Within Your Body


Building up from the material in Yoga Basics 1, this ebook yoga course includes a simple yoga training routine to help you learn to stabilize your body while doing simple pushing actions. It not only teaches you how to stabilize your body but also helps you to become more body aware and gives you simple mental cues for better control of your body.

The exercises in this ebook are suitable for most levels of flexibility. If you can't sit upright with your legs straight in front of you, then this program may not be suitable for you. If you can at least sit upright then you can use these standing and sitting exercises to better feel and control your body. You can learn to feel when part of your body is active and when part of it is relaxed, and you can enjoy the experience of actually feeling and controlling these changes.

In some cases, the exercises in this book may help you improve flexibility. This is impossible to guarantee though. You can maximize the possibility of improving flexibility simply by focusing on feeling your body, by noticing the changes in tension or muscle action in your legs and/or arms as instructed.

If, once you get the basic instructions for each exercise, you focus on activating and relaxing smoothly and slowly, you'll be more likely to actually notice what is happening in your body. You may notice when your muscles relax more allowing you to go deeper into a pose. And that is something that can be guaranteed. If you do these exercises slowly and smoothly, and focus on feeling your body, you can deepen your body awareness. And you may find that your yoga practice becomes more enjoyable as a result.

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Yoga Basics 2: Creating Stability Within Your Body

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