Working Towards Wheel Pose

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Even if you have no desire to do wheel pose, (It is a pose that people love to hate, or, they simply hate it!) Working Towards Wheel Pose (Basic Body Awareness Exercises to Make Difficult Poses Easier) is useful because it demonstrates a basic methodology for approaching difficult or challenging poses.

In the process, it teaches you some basic body awareness and muscle control for the spine, pelvis, hips and shoulder blades and it shows you how you can use the ground to create a reaction within your body.

The sum total of all of these actions and exercises are to help make it easier to work towards wheel poses (you also learn some ideas on how to counterpose) and they also, in the process, help you get a better feel for your body.

One of the inspirations for writing this ebook was a student telling me that she never used to be able to do wheel pose. But in my class, something I said or something in the way that I taught the pose enabled her to do it.

The tips in this book won't work for everybody. There is some work involved and though the title includes the word "Easier" that doesn't mean that wheel pose will suddenly become easy. However, it will show you how to better feel your body and instead of using a brute force approach (just do it!) the exercises and discussions in this book are designed to help you get better at finessing your way into the pose. 

As an option, you can also purchase the Yoga Routine for Body Awareness, Strength and Flexibility video. It includes many of the poses and body awareness exercises includes in the ebook. And it includes wheel pose. 

As for the ebook, you can download it in all three of the following formats: 

  • pdf, 
  • mobi and 
  • epub.
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Working Towards Wheel Pose

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