Intent driven muscle control bundle

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(formerly 8 elements bundle) 

Improve balance, body awareness and stability, plus build a foundation for better flexibility.

Activate and relax muscles with clear intent

Intentional muscle control is about activating (or relaxing) muscles with clear intent. It's as if you are learning to lead your own body.

This isn't a dictatorial kind of leadership, at least not in the way we tend to think of dictatorship. Instead, it's the type of leadership where you partner with your body. You learn to lead it based on an understanding of what your body is currently capable of.

And so this type of leadership involves sensing your body (and what it is currently in contact with) so that you can direct it effectively.

The body is a complex system

We can think of our body as a complex system. To make it less complex and thus easier to understand, the 9 courses in this bundle help you to focus your awareness and to an extent isolate particular muscles. The isolation isn't the end goal but simply a tool so that you can learn to feel sets of muscles and control them.

You can then work towards feeling your body and controlling it as an integrated whole.

Better balance, stability...

Benefits can include better balance, both in the sense of balancing say on one foot, but also in the sense of left/right balance. And they can include better body awareness, since you'll be learning to feel your muscles activate and relax as well as control them.

Benefits also include better stability, which in this case means the ability to create stability where it is required. And all of this can lead to making it easier to improve flexibility since flexibility depends on the ability to create stability in different places where required.

Learn to understand your body by experiencing it
Perhaps the biggest benefit is that you'll learn to feel and control your body in such a way that you can use these abilities in any activity. And you'll gain a better understanding of your body based on your direct experience of it.

Individually, the course below are $60.00 (except for the ribcage course which is $42.00).

1 Hip flexors

2 Hamstrings

3 Thighs

4 Long thigh muscles 

5 Deep hip

6 SI Joints

7 Shoulders

8 Ribcage

0 Spine

30 day money back guarantee!

Whether you buy the course bundle, or buy an individual course, you'll get a receipt with my email so that you can contact me if you have any questions, or aren't satisfied and want a refund.

Who are these courses suitable for?

If you like going to classes to be told what to do, these courses aren't for you. There is nothing wrong with going to classes to be told what to do. (Sometimes you just need to rest from having to make decisions!) However, these courses are designed to help you learn your body in such a way that you learn to decide for yourself what is right for you are any moment in time.

If you've ever dabbled in programming and like it (I mean computer programming) or html or CSS, then this type of course may be for you. If you are used to being frustrated, but then taking a rest, then getting back to it, and then finally figuring out what you were doing wrong, and then enjoying the feeling when you do figure it out, this may be for you.

So, if you like figuring things out, then this course is for you.

You might ask, if I can figure out things for myself why do I need this course? Well, I've spent the last 10 to 20 years figuring out all of this by myself. This courses (and other related courses) can help you fast track your learning.

Are these courses suitable for teachers or trainers?

I like to think that yes they are. I have used most if not all of the instructions in my live classes. In fact, these courses are based in large part on my experiences teaching. As such, they include the instructions and exercises I've used for when particular students, or types of students didn't get what I was attempting to teach.

And so yes, these courses are suitable for teachers or trainers.

Are these courses suitable for self-learners?

For the same reason these courses are suitable for teachers or trainers, they are also suitable for self learners. This doesn't mean that the instructions are hard to follow. A large part of what I've been learning over the last 20 years is how to teach and communicate effectively, particularly in a class setting.

Making the process of learning enjoyable

And even more importantly (at least I like to think so) is that I try to teach in such a way that it is easy for you to get in the flow state while learning. The key to this, I believe, is short instruction sets that allow you to focus on what you are doing even as you are learning.

Is this course all I will need?

This depends on you. You may get a lot just from this set of courses. However, I also have other courses that approach the material from different angles. Whether you choose to study the other courses is up to you. As a teacher you may find it helpful because the other courses give you other approaches to the same material. But as a student, you may find it helpful because the more ways you learn to approach learning your body, the better you will understand it.

So should I start with this course?

If you have absolutely no experience of yoga, and are new to exercise in general, this course may not be the best starting point.

A good starting point would be these 5 beginners yoga routines (one package).

An alternative, if you are more interested in getting a taste of muscle control and using your body, is: Frictional muscle control
That being said, all of the courses I teach include doing the exercises slowly and smoothly, and this set of courses is no exception. I should point out that the first goal for each exercise is to get the feel for it, and that may mean you do the exercise or action rather abruptly, but from there the idea is to then work on repeating the exercise slowly and smoothly.
This forces you to pay attention. It also gives you the opportunity to improve your ability to feel your body and control it. Plus, it makes it easier to stay safe while doing the exercises (and when exploring new exercises). If you learn to move slowly and smoothly, you can always stop before pain and injury. Plus, it makes it easier to "adjust" the way you move your body. And that is perhaps one of  the most important things you can learn, once you have a taste of feeling and controlling particular muscles. 

Non-robotic exercises

That should be the final note on this (and all other courses that I teach). The idea of these courses is to not to turn you into an unthinking robot. Instead, it's to help you learn and experience your body, and learn to use it intelligently. 
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Intent driven muscle control bundle

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