5 Sensational Yoga Routines for Beginners

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Proprioceptive muscle control is about learning to feel your body and control it. And so that you can better learn your body, the focus is on feeling and controlling isolated parts of your body while doing a series of yoga poses. You'll not only learn to feel and control your body, you'll also be helping to keep your joints lubricated.

That's because muscles not only help you to feel your body. They also help keep your joint capsules tensioned so that your joints stay lubricated.

Joint Capsules are Affected by Muscles

Understanding that muscles directly affect your joint capsules via ligaments and tendons, and that muscle activation is required to keep your joints lubricated (the more weight you are working against, the more strength that is required) one possible key to long term joint health is to simply exercise.

This course offers a slightly more focused approach.

  • It provides basic building blocks for improving posture,
  • And, it provides exercises for helping you to help keep your joints healthy.

A Focused Approach to Maintaining Joint Health

If you can feel your muscles, that means they are active.

If you can feel, for example your spine, spinal muscles are what give you that ability to feel your spine.

Having proprioceptive muscle control means that you can feel your muscles when they activate and when they relax.

This course teaches you basic muscle control so that you can better feel and control your body and help keep your joints healthy.

  • First you learn how to feel parts in isolation.
  • Then you learn how to integrate actions using multiple areas of your body.

The approach to learning muscle control is much like learning to drive a car (using a manual gearbox), but instead you learn to become a better driver of your body.

(And actually, riding a motorcycle is a better analogy, since riding a motorcycle also requires balance.)

What You'll Learn

This is a beginners course. It is made up of five one hour long routines. 

Each routine builds up on the previous one.

  • You'll learn how to feel (and control) your spine, your shoulders, your hips.
  • And you'll also learn how to feel and control your feet and shins.
  • You'll also learn how to improve your balance on one foot (and how to compensate)

Believe it or not, but good foot control can affect both your knees and your hips and it can also affect your ability to balance while standing.

Self Adjusting Your Actions

In this course, there's also emphasis on adjusting how you do these exercises. This isn't about blindly doing poses and exercises, but actually modulating how you do them for a better experience of your body.

If you've ever had to listen to an old fashioned radio, you had to tune in to the radio station.
In the same way, you can get a better feel for your body by simply tuning or adjusting the way that you use it.

About the Course

The course is in video format.
Videos can be streamed or downloaded.
Format is mp4 and I'd recommend VLC for viewing the videos on PC or Mac systems. 

Each exercise is taught as a follow along.

But each exercise is also instructed that you can easily do the exercises without the video.

Each of the five routines is different but with some repeated exercises.
Each gives you a slightly different way to exercise your body. 

Initially, I would suggest you do the routines in order since some of the exercises build up on each other.
However, once you've done all of the routines, and are comfortable with the exercises, the routines can be done in any order.

If you are Short on Time

Each routine is broken down into smaller mini-routines of varying length (the longest is no more than 20 minutes). If you are short on time you can focus on the mini-routines.

Some of the exercises can also be practiced anywhere you like. So if you have difficulty with a particular action, you can practice it whenever you have the time.

Optional Extras

As an option you can also purchase 5 Sensational Yoga routines for beginners along with two additional video routines: 

Frictional Muscle Control ($59.99)

and Extreme Stability ($68.00)

These two routines focus on specific techniques for muscle control. 

List of included videos

  • sy 5b 1, 0 intro 1:58
  • sy 5b 1, part 1a seated feet and toes 9:42
  • sy 5b 1, part 1b shin rotations, wt shifting, hip bone control 8:09
  • sy 5b 1, part 2 shoulders and spine 17:29
  • sy 5b 1, part 3a i basic pressing 14:43
  • sy 5b 1, part 3b knee awareness in lunge 5:09
  • sy 5b 1, part 4a spinal lengthening 4:50
  • sy 5b 1, part 4b standing twist and standing forward bend 5:53
  • sy 5b 1, part 4c finishing with bridge and dead dog 5:26
  • sy 5b 1, part z finish 3:31
  • sy 5b 2, 0 i intro 2:08
  • sy 5b 2, part 1a seated feet staff and cross legged 12:59
  • sy 5b 2, part 1b leg activation in cat and lunge 8:35
  • sy 5b 2, part 2a reverse plank and boat 9:48
  • sy 5b 2, part 2b pigeon and hurdlers stretch 9:12
  • sy 5b 2, part 2c marichyasana (without binding) 5:18
  • sy 5b 2, part 3 basic muscle activation in chair pose and standing forward bend 5:06
  • sy 5b 2, part 4 i ribcage awareness and control 14:38
  • sy 5b 2, part 5a i improving balance on one foot 6:30
  • sy 5b 2, part 5b i standing leg lifts 19:18
  • sy 5b 2, part 5c i standing twist, bridge, dead dog 5:40
  • sy 5b 2, part z 2:15
  • sy 5b 3, 0 intro 2:21
  • sy 5b 3, 1 i seated rib control, feet and toes 8:55
  • sy 5b 3, part 2a seated shin rotations 7:40
  • sy 5b 3, part 2b exploring table top pose 5:54
  • sy 5b 3, part 3 standing wt shifting, shin control, rib cage contractions 13:52
  • sy 5b 3, part 4 shoulders, spine, pushing with the hands 18:06
  • sy 5b 3, part 5a more shin rotations while seated 8:25
  • sy 5b 3, part 5b hurdlers stretch and twisting while sitting 11:16
  • sy 5b 3, part 6 a look back and foot control, bridge and dead dog 7:01
  • sy 5b 3, part z ending 2:40
  • sy 5b 4, part 0 intro i 1:56
  • sy 5b 4, part 1 spine lengthening and wt shifting while standing 10:05
  • sy 5b 4, part 2 i shoulder control 16:50
  • sy 5b 4, part 3a muscle activation in cat pose and lunge 5:24
  • sy 5b 4, part 3b i down dog knee lift 14:21
  • sy 5b 4, part 4 muscle activation in standing f bend, pyramid, half moon 17:06
  • sy 5b 4, part 5 bridge and dead dog 2:31
  • sy 5b 4, part z 2:43
  • sy 5b 5, 0 Intro 1:44
  • sy 5b 5, Part 1a seated toes and ribcage 4:20
  • sy 5b 5, Part 1b i weight shifting, standing leg extension 8:25
  • sy 5b 5, Part 1c i standing f bend, half moon 4:17
  • sy 5b 5, Part 2a knee lift in lunge, cat pose weight shift 8:19
  • sy 5b 5, Part 2b adding weight with the arms, knee lift and straighten 7:27
  • sy 5b 5, Part 3a using pressure, lunge, triangle 7:15
  • sy 5b 5, Part 3b rib lift, pyramid pose 8:23
  • sy 5b 5, Part 4a standing knee grab, foot grab 6:57
  • sy 5b 5, Part 4b i knee balance, cat pose balance, cat pose foot grab 6:21
  • sy 5b 5, Part 4c i seated f bend, bridge, dead dog 3:45
  • sy 5b 5, Part z 5:18

30 day money back guarantee

This course is designed to help you feel your body. It isn't going to work for everybody. If you find yourself dissatisfied with the videos, the instruction or the material in general, let me know within 30 days and I'll give you your money back.

  • Get 5 beginners routines (videos plus pdf quick guides). Optionally, add on Frictional Muscle control and Extreme stability (both include a video'd routine).

  • Get 5 beginners routines (videos plus pdf quick guides). Optionally, add on Frictional Muscle control and Extreme stability (both include a video'd routine).
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