Improve Hip Control, Feel and Control Your Pelvis

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Improve hip control by learning to feel and control your hip bones and pelvis

This video course focuses on two basic techniques for improving hip control and SI joint control. 

You'll learn how to feel and control your hip bones. And you'll learn to feel and control the muscles that work on your hip bones. You'll first learn to feel and control your hip bones and hip muscles in relative isolation. You'll then see how you can apply this awareness and control in a variety of yoga poses and stretches, including front and side splits. 

Options are included if flexibility is limited plus ideas on how to use props to work around flexibility limitations

What you'll learn to feel are your hip bones, your hip joints (where your thigh bone connect to your hip bones), and your sacroiliac joints (where your hip bones connect to your sacrum, the base of your spine).

You'll also learn to feel and control muscles that work on your hip bones, hip joints and SI joints with specific muscle control exercises.

These exercises could be thought of as "proprioceptive muscle control exercises." You'll not only learn to control muscles, but feel them. And in turn you'll learn get a better feel for your body (and be able to better control it) as a result.

The exercises are demonstrated using props (chairs, yoga blocks, walls) so that if you are less flexible you can easily see what you have to do the exercises effectively.
For more flexible practitioners, you can do the poses without props or use the props to progressively change the poses.

For yoga teachers, these exercises can you learn to feel particular hip muscle activations in your own body and that makes it easier to recognize when your students are doing the muscle activations also.

Part 1 is about thirty minutes of video in 8 parts, each focusing on a particular exercise. 

Part 2 is slightly longer (10 parts) and has a different focus, creating tension around the hip joint. 

Generally, the activations in this video improve hip stability and/or SI joint stability, making hip stretching and strengthening yoga poses like triangle, standing forward bend, chair pose, lunge, half side splits and front splits more comfortable and possibly more effective with respect to strengthening muscles and improving their flexibility.

What you get

The videos are streamable or downloadable (MP4) and are 1080 x 720 High resolution.

If downloading, I'd recommend using the VLC app to view them. You can set up playlists to watch selected videos (or all videos.) 

The videos are relatively short and to the point, with the intent of giving you the necessary information so that you can get on with feeling and learning to control your own body.

The exercises could be used as a routine though the intent is less about giving you a routine and more about helping you to feel and control your hips and pelvis so that you can use that awareness and control to explore your body while doing yoga poses (and other activities.)

30 day money back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with this course, let me know within 30 days of purchase, and I'll give you your money back.

Course content

  • Hips and Pelvis 0 Introduction
  • Hips and Pelvis 1a Tailbone and Pubic Bone
  • Hips and Pelvis 1b Leg Lifts Led with Pelvis
  • Hips and Pelvis 1c Learning to Feel Pelvic Landmarks
  • Hips and Pelvis 1d Using Pelvic Landmarks For Stability

  • Hips and Pelvis 1e Front Triangle 1
  • Hips and Pelvis 1f Front Triangle 2
  • Hips and Pelvis 1g Chair Pose
  • Hips and Pelvis 1h Forward Bend and Notes

  • Hips and Pelvis 2a Stability Vs Moving

  • Hips and Pelvis 2b ASICs and Sitting Bones
  • Hips and Pelvis 2c Front Triangle
  • Hips and Pelvis 2d Chair Pose and Standing Forward Bend

  • Hips and Pelvis 2e Low Lunge
  • Hips and Pelvis 2f Half Split
  • Hips and Pelvis 2g Kneeling and Slow and Smooth Transitions
  • Hips and Pelvis 2h Working Towards Front Splits
  • Hips and Pelvis 2i Pigeon

  • Hips and Pelvis 2j Seated Forward Bend and Wrap

Part 1 and Part 2 (all together)

  • Hips and Pelvis 1
  • Hips and Pelvis 2
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Improve Hip Control, Feel and Control Your Pelvis

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