Learning to activate adductor magnus long head and VMO

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VMO stands for vastus medialis obliquus. It's the tear-drop shaped portion of the quadriceps muscle at the front of the thigh. Vastus medialis obliquues is the portion of the vastus medialis that attaches from the long head portion of the adductor magnus muscle. 

If the VMO portion of your vastus medialis isn't activating, one reason may be that your adductor magnus long head isn't activating. Activate that, you give your VMO a stable foundation from which to act on your knee. And that's what this set of videos does. It teaches you some simple exercises that allow you to feel and control your adductor magnus long head. It also includes some simple exercises for activating your quadriceps muscle. From there you can then focus on activating your adductor magnus first, and from there your vastus medialis and from there also your VMO.

What are the benefits of learning these muscle control actions?

The adductor magnus long head is an internal rotator of the thigh relative to the hip. It works in combination with external rotators like the gluteus maximus to help stabilize the hip joint against rotation. What that means is that the femur resists the tendency to rotate. That then gives the muscles that work from the femur across the knee joint a stable foundation from which to work effectively. With the adductor magnus long head activated, this also means that the VMO can activate effectively to further help stabilize the knee against rotation (or help to control knee rotation).

I've included similiar exercises in my muscle control for flexibility: splits program because this set of activations is actually quite helpful in working towards front to back splits. I'd suggest that one reason for this is that it helps to make both the hip and the knee stable. And stability, particularly when working near the end ranges of motion, is a good thing. 

These exercises are fairly simple. I actually use them in my public yoga classes regularly. And this course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

what you get:

The full list of videos is listed below.

Videos can be downloaded or streamed.

Videos are mp4 format.

Suggested viewing app both for windows and mac users is VLC.

If you download the videos, you can use the VLC player to make play lists so that you can view videos one after the other, skipping introductory or explanatory videos if you choose.

Videos can be used as follow along, or watch, follow along and then try the exercises by yourself.

What you get:

  • 0 01 vmo ad mag lh intro
  • 0 02 vmo ad mag lh sitting bones
  • 0 03 vmo ad mag lh thigh rotations
  • 0 04 vmo ad mag lh shin rotations 1
  • 0 05 vmo ad mag lh shin rotations 2 with legs straight
  • 0 06 vmo ad mag lh adductor magnus activation
  • 0 07 vmo ad mag lh some muscles that control shin rotation
  • 0 08 vmo 0 3 1a 1 Quads Standing
  • 0 08 vmo 0 3 0a 0 Quads Seated
  • 0 08 vmo ad mag lh activating quads and vm and vmo
  • 0 09 vmo ad mag lh standing forward bend
  • 0 10 vmo ad mag lh preventing hip clicking
  • 0 11 vmo ad mag lh chair pose
  • 0 12 vmo ad mag lh supporting and unsupporting leg activation
  • 0 13 vmo ad mag lh from vmo to vm to quads as a whole
  • 0 14 vmo ad mag lh making sure you activate your add mag prior to activating your quads
  • 0 15 vmo ad mag lh half moon, pyramid
  • 0 16 vmo ad mag lh splits
  • 0 17 vmo ad mag lh varying foot rotation
  • 0 18 vmo ad mag lh walking or dancing with add mag lh activation 

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