Mindful "Muscle Control for Proprioception" (MCP) Bundle

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Become more present by focusing on feeling and controlling your muscles. Learn to use your body more efficiently and effectively and work towards better flexibility.

Mindful muscle control and proprioception includes these 6 courses designed to help you better feel and control your body: Action vectors, Foot Exercises, Frictional Resistance, Focused floor pressing, Muscle control part 1, Muscle control part 2.

Action Vectors (MCP1) 30.00

Action vectors are a means of using reaction forces to move parts of your body in clearly defined directions. As a result you'll gain better awareness of how you are interacting with the floor. You'll also learn to feel and deliberately move parts of your body relative to your foundation.

While it doesn't sound like much, not many teachers focus on teaching you how to feel and use your connection with the ground. It tends to be taken for granted. Or it tends to be taught with flowery metaphors. Here the focus is on clear directions that allow you to focus on using the floor and at the same time moving specific parts of your body in response.

One advantage of this technique is that in poses like downward dog, side plank, and even yoga push up (chaturunga), you can learn how to lift up or push up into these poses with less effort and more awareness. 

Foot Exercises (MCP2) 15.00

In this workshop, you'll do foot exercises for "foot and ankle stability". The feet (and hands) are parts that are often neglected in yoga classes. Here you'll not only focus on activating your feet, you'll also focus on feeling them. As a result you'll learn to feel not only your feet but your ankles also.

In terms of stabilization, foot and ankle stability is one way of anchoring the lower leg. That then gives the muscles that attach from the shin to the thigh and pelvis a fixed endpoint so that they can effectively act on the thigh or pelvis, either stabilizing these bones or controlling them.

This isn't just about stabilizing your feet and ankles while standing. You'll also practice stabilizing them in seated poses where your feet aren't bearing the weight of your body.

This technique can be very helpful in combination with other techniques that are covered in the workshops that follow. It may make frictioned resistance, focused floor pressing and even muscle activation (thigh muscle activation) more effective.

Frictional Resistance (MCP3) 30.00

In this workshop, you'll learn how to use friction to activate particular sets of muscles. You'll also practice keeping parts of your body still (despite the forces you are exerting). And you'll also learn a very simple method for strengthening specific muscles.

One of the key advantages of this workshop is that it makes it easy even for very flexible people ("floppy" people, i.e. those who can drop into the splits easily but can't control their descent into the splits) to feel their muscles activate.

The techniques in this workshop are the ones that I use when working with beginners to get them used to activating their muscles and feeling those muscles activate.

This is also a great technique for strengthening the arms and legs and in some cases the core.

Focused Floor Pressing (MCP4) 45.00

In this workshop, you'll learn and practice the technique of "Floor Pressing." You'll learn two slightly different techniques for pressing the floor. Both techniques are means of creating a muscular response.

One of the advantages of this technique say versus the resisted friction technique, is that you only require one point of contact with the floor. With resisted friction, you require two.

Another advantage of this technique is that it helps you to integrate your body. The more force that you push the floor with, the more of your body that is integrated to help power the push.

(This isn't to say that the subjects any of the other workshops are "obsolete" or "unrequired". Rather, the subject of each workshop should be considered as "muscle control options".)

Two suggested prerequisites for this course are Action Vectors (MCP1) and Foot Exercises (MCP2). The Action Vectors workshop helps to give you the necessary body awareness for effective pushing while Foot Exercises Workshop helps you to create the necessary foot stiffness for pressing the floor.

Muscle Control part 1, 5-1 (MCP5) 48.00
Muscle Control part 2, 5-2 (MCP5a) 48.00 (or both for 68.00)

Rather than relying on the floor to create a muscle activation response, this two part workshop focuses first on using a movement intent to activate a set of muscles. Then the focus is on simply activating muscles (without a movement intent or at the very least a subconscious movement intent.)

One of the main advantages of this type of "direct" muscle activation is that it allows you to more freely experiment with and explore muscle activation in a variety of yoga poses.

One of the advantages of the "intentional" muscle control is that it helps you to better understand how muscle control works, and it can lead toards better flexibility, particularly when you focus on allowing bones to move as a result of your intended muscle activation.

As mentioned, this workshop has 2 parts.

This first part focuses on basic thigh activation, learning to feel the front and back of the thighs and hips. 

In the second part, you'll learn how to feel (and control) four main landmarks of the hip bone. You'll also learn to control the long hip muscles. These are the muscles that connect the hip bone to the lower leg bones. 

You'll also get a taste of using these muscles in splits and half spide splits so that you can improve flexibility. You'll also see how to use the techniques from part 1 in the front to back splits.

About this series of workshops

For all of these workshops, the main focus is on exercises to help you internalize the respective techniques. So rather than having to remember (or try to remember) different muscle control techniques, you are given exercises in the form of a routine to help you create muscle memories for each technique.

MCP stands for Muscle Control and Proprioception. All of these workshop videos are based on the idea that muscle control and proprioception go hand in hand. Muscle activation is what gives you proprioception. At the same time, improving your ability to proprioceive your own body helps to improve your muscle control.

Each workshop includes a quick reference PDF with pictures of all the poses as well as a summary of the basic action(s).

Follow along, but also practice without the videos

The exercises are taught as "follow along". However, for each exercise, it is strongly recommended that you also practice without the video. You can watch an exercise, doing it with the video, then pause the video and repeat the exercise by yourself.

Videos are in mp4 format and are downloadable (they can also be streamed using the gumroad app).

Whether on a Mac system or Windows, VLC is a very handy viewing app that allows you to create playlists so that you can seamlessly play all videos without having to operate any controls.

When making a purchase, remember your Gumroad login details (generally an email address and whatever your password is).

You can always download videos to different devices. You can also download updates when they become available.

30 Day Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with this workshop you have 30 days from the day of purchase to get a refund. To instigate a refund, use the email address located at the end of the included pdf.

Become smarter in how you use your own body

This series of videos won't make you a master of your own body, but they are designed to help get you on that path. If you look at smartphones, compared to the old "dumb" cell phones prior to the first iPhone. Smartphones are smart because they can sense your touch and respond in different ways to your touch.

The muscle control and proprioception workshop videos are designed to help you become smarter in your own body by learning to better feel it and control it.

This is something that you can carry into all aspects of your life.

Become more present to turn off incessant thinking

But even aside from that, a focus on feeling your body (and controlling it) is a simple way of becoming more present. Rather than doing lots of different poses, one after the other, to turn your thinking mind of, here you can focus on the creating sensations within your body (by turning muscles on and off) to help turn off incessant thinking.

A type of conscious movement

You could think of this as a type of conscious movement because each action, each movement is clearly defined. As a result, you can focus on doing it.

What's included (for all packages):

  • sy mcp1 Action Vectors 0 intro 1:43
  • sy mcp1 Action Vectors 1 18:24
  • sy mcp1 Action Vectors 2 19:44
  • sy mcp1 Action Vectors 3 13:59
  • sy mcp1 Action Vectors 4 1:01

  • sy mcp2 Foot Exercises 0 Intro 1:11
  • sy mcp2 Foot Exercises 1 21:19
  • sy mcp2 Foot Exercises 2 22:41
  • sy mcp2 Foot Exercises 3 End Notes 0:57
  • sy mcp2 Foot Exercises 4a Bonus Toe Lengthening Variation 5:39
  • sy mcp2 Foot Exercises 4b Bonus Advanced Foot Activation 13:09
  • sy mcp2 Foot Exercises 4c Bonus End Notes 3:10

  • sy mcp3 Frictional Resistance 0 intro 3:51
  • sy mcp3 Frictional Resistance Part 1 26:43:00
  • sy mcp3 Frictional Resistance Part 2 17:23
  • sy mcp3 Frictional Resistance Part 3 end notes 2:32

  • sy mcp4 Focused Floor Pressing 0 intro 2:52
  • sy mcp4 Focused Floor Pressing 0a foot prep 5:42
  • sy mcp4 Focused Floor Pressing 1 routine part 1 29:29:00
  • sy mcp4 Focused Floor Pressing 2 routine part 2 30:51:00
  • sy mcp4 Focused Floor Pressing 3 end notes 2:41
  • sy mcp4 Focused Floor Pressing 4a extras 1 seated forward bend 3:25
  • sy mcp4 Focused Floor Pressing 4b extras 2 push up 10:05

  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 0a Intro 4:22
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 0b Using a Chair 0:40
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 1a Standing Poses 35:05:00
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 1b Seated Poses 11:40
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 2a quads and hip flexors in more detail 3:50
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 2b Standing Quads and Hip Flexors 7:02
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 2c Standing Hamstrings and glutes 1 10:20
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 3a Lunge, kneeling pigeon 15:21
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 3b Modified Seated forward bend against a wall 1 1:11
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 3c Seated Forward Bends 6:55
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 3d Bridge, Dead dog, Rest 2:25
  • sy mcp5 Muscle Control 4 End Notes 5:44

  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 0 intro 0:35
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 1a Hip Bone Corners 6:47
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 1b The Long Hip Muscles 1:29
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 1c Hip Bone to Shin 9:08
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 1d Hip Bone Corner Point Pairings 3:49
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 2a Resisted Pulling Intro 0:40
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 2b Resisted Corner Point Pulling 8:06
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 2c Resisted Hip Pulling On One Leg 3:46
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 2d Resisted Hip Pulling In Yoga Poses 6:26
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 2e Resisted Hip Pulling In Yoga Poses 3:16
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 2f Dealing with Resisted Hip Bone Movement Problems 3:46
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 3a Hip Awareness with a Lifting Intent 2:35
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 3b i Hip Awareness with a Lifting Intent 4:56
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 3c i Hip Bone Control And Proprioception Options 1:52
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 3d Rear Leg Control in Lunge 3:21
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 4a Lateral Muscle Control In Front Facing Poses Intro 2:15
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 4b Lateral Muscle Control Practice 4:28
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 5 Working towards Front to Back splits (and side splits) 9:41
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 6a Reactivating the Hips, Thigh Control 5:54
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 6b Knee and Hip Control 4:18
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 7a End Notes 1 Muscle Control Options 2:05
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 7b End Notes 2, Self Adjust 3:41
  • sy mcp5a Muscle Control 8 Extra Greater Trochanter 14:09
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