Frictional Muscle Control

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Frictional muscle control
for flexibility and strength

Frictional muscle control is a technique that I tend to use when first teaching beginners muscle control. It makes it easy for beginners to learn how to activate their muscles and feel them activate.

I also use this technique with my more experienced students simply because it is a useful technique for strengthening muscles and also fine tuning muscle control.

If I have students who don't "get" my usual muscle control techniques, frictional muscle control is the generally effective standby.

Learn the basics of muscle control.

In this video course you'll learn the basics of frictional muscle control. You'll use it to activate and control both arm muscles and leg muscles. You'll also get a feel for how you interact with the floor, whether it is your hands, your feet or a mixture of both. 

This can be a great way to learn how you use your hands, whether or not you are pushing in one direction or another, or not. And it can be extended to feeling how you interact with other objects and even with people. 

For example, if partner dancing, or doing some sort of martial art, you can feel the way you are interacting via your hands and skin "feel". You can then also control or otherwise vary the way you "connect."

With frictional muscle control you'll also get a sense of how your muscles need an opposing force to work against in order to activate. You'll also be exposed to a technique for activating muscle that doesn't require two points of contact.

Working towards chaturanga dandasana

While feeling and controlling muscles is great, it can help to have a purpose, some goal for using these techniques so that you can see how effective (or ineffective) they actually are. In this course you'll get to test these frictional muscle control techniques in working towards chaturanga dandasana (the yoga "push up".) The focus won't be in pushing all the way up. Instead, it will be limited to lifting clear off of the floor. And ideally what you'll find is that with friction, this is actually a little bit easier. It provides a way of integrating the parts of your body so that they work together to help you lift up.

Work towards front-splits and side-splits

Additional poses that you'll get to test frictional muscle control (and its non-frictional counter part) are the side splits and the front to back splits.

While I can't guarantee that these methods will help you achieve side splits or even front-to-back splits, you may find that they make working towards these positions a little bit easier.

How the course is taught

The exercises and poses are taught in a series of videos that you can download or stream.

(Videos are 1280x720 MP4 and I'd recommend the VLC app for viewing whether using apple or windows.)

 Also included is a quick guide pdf with pictures of all the poses and a summary of the actions for each position.

How you can do the course

The videos can be used as a follow along workout video. The sequence of postures and exercises is useful as a routine!
That being said, I'd suggest a more effective use is to follow along with the video for an exercise. Then pause the video and do the exercise by yourself. Then repeat for the next exercise.

If you memorize the postures and the actions, you can then do the exercises by yourself with the added bonus that you can focus on refining your ability to feel and control your body.

You can then also play with these same techniques in other poses and exercises. 

Work on slow and smooth

When experimenting (and also when doing the exercises in general), I'd strongly suggest practicing slow and smooth activation and relaxation. And that's pretty much how all of the exercises are demonstrated in this video.

30 day money back guarantee!

If you aren't satisfied with this course, let me know within 30 days of purchase and I'll give you your money back. My email is included with the confirmation receipt when you purchase this course.

Videos are in MP4 format and can be streamed or downloaded.

Note that you can download or stream the videos at any time and to any of your devices. Just remember which email you used and your password.

If downloading, I'd suggest using the VLC app to view the videos.

How this course is taught

Lessons are follow along with the suggested approach being to memorize the actions so that you can do the exercises without requiring the videos. You can then focus on anchoring and then feeling (and controlling) your hip flexors.

What's included:

  • Quick Guide PDF
  • Frictional Muscle Control 1 Warmup 15m
  • Frictional Muscle Control 2a Main 31m
  • Frictional Muscle Control 2b Main 20m
  • Frictional Muscle Control 3a Push Ups Push Pull 33m
  • Frictional Muscle Control 3b Splits (Side and Front) 32m
  • Frictional Muscle Control 2z Knee Press and Finish

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