Yoga Balance Basics

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The ebook Balance Basics explains balance in easy to digest chapters with simple yoga poses used as examples. Rather than accepting balance as something that you just practice while your body takes care of the details, balance is explained as something that you can understand and feel and consciously work towards.

Balance is one way to start learning how to better feel and control your body by learning how to feel and better control your relationship with the earth.

The book teaches you how you can learn to feel where your center of gravity is using very simple scientific principles. (Your body has built-in pressure sensors that you can easily access.) But it teaches you not only how to feel where your center is, but how to shift your center both relative to your body, and relative to your foundation. 

Being able to feel your center and control are both important if you want to learn how to balance in the first place and how to stay balanced.

My most popular video on youtube is an arm balance. Most of the positive comments (there are some negative ones) are about how easy I make it to learn the pose. I explain it differently than most other teachers. And the reason for that is that I understand the basics of balance. And with this book you can too.

Optional Videos

You can buy the book by itself, but you also have the option of getting it with some videos that take you through some simple exercises that help you to feel and control your center while standing. 

About the video content

One advantage of the videos is that you can do the exercises with the videos, or you can do the exercises after watching the videos. In either case, you can notice the slowness and smoothness with which I move and aim for the same slow and smooth execution when you do the exercises.

And that is an important element of both balance and learning to feel and control your body. The more you work at moving slowly and smoothy, the more you force yourself to be aware of your body and the better you get at controlling your body.

And practice this enough, then moving slowly and smoothly will become something that you can do automatically without having to think about doing it.

Short Videos

As mentioned, the videos are short. The maximum video length is 4 minutes. Each video focuses on a single exercise or a few related exercises. Watch the video, then try the exercises. Then move on to the next video. More important than getting the exercises the first time is actually knowing each exercise so that you can practice it without the video (meaning you can practice whenever you have time and space).

Progressive Balance Exercises

The video exercises are progressive, they build up on each other. Flexibility isn’t a requirement, simple modifications are included that don’t require the use of fancy props. All you need is a chair or a table or a wall if you can’t touch your toes. But if you do have yoga blocks you can use them.

The exercises mainly focus on learning to feel and control your point of contact with the floor, the feet, and improving awareness and control of the feet for better balance

What You'll Learn in the videos

  • You’ll learn how to activate the inner and outer edges of the forefoot, and learn practice feeling and controlling pressure between the foot and the floor. 
  • And you’ll learn to use pressure to feel and control your center of gravity so that you can stay balanced with greater ease.
  • After learning better foot control you’ll get to use it by balancing on your forefeet. And to practice fine-tuning your awareness you’ll try balancing on your heels.
  • Practice lifting your hands to balance on one or both legs (or on the forefeet or one the heels), and what to do if you can’t lift your hands.
  • Learn how to weight shift smoothly from both feet to one foot. 
  • Learn how to feel when your weight is completely over one foot. 
  • Learn to stabilize your feet.

Apart from learning to feel and control your feet, the main exercise used in this video is half moon pose. This pose is challenging in that the hip hasn’t got much room to move. If you can balance easily in this pose, then other balancing-on-one-foot poses become a little bit easier. 

(An exception would be a pose like tree pose or eagle pose where the legs are in contact with each other.)

Video format

Videos are in MP4 format. You can download them or stream them.

30 Day Guarantee

If you just aren't satisfied, then contact me and I'll give you a refund. 

If you have any questions or problems with the exercises or explanations (in the ebook or the videos) you can always email me. (My email is also included with the receipt you get when you make a purchase). 

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