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Muscle Control for flexibility 1

Muscle control for flexibility 1

a flexible approach to improving flexibility

Rather than giving you a list of stretches,  Muscle control for flexibility teaches you some special techniques you can use while stretching to help improve your flexibility.
With "intentional" muscle control, you'll learn how to activate and relax muscles with a particular intent. And you'll learn to feel those muscles activate and relax. 

So for example, with the hamstrings, one of the first things you'll learn is how to activate the muscle and how to relax it. From there you'll learn to stretch it while keeping it relaxed. 
You'll then learn how to stretch the hamstrings while they are active.

And you'll see how you can use the same techniques across a variety of positions and yoga poses. 

With muscle control for flexibility 1, you'll learn a small set of actions that can help you improve your flexibility while at the same time improving body awareness.

They may not help you get the full front-to-back splits, or help you touch your toes, but they should help you see improvements in your flexibility, though that isn't guaranteed.
And for that reason, the course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Muscle control for flexibility does include some of the earliest techniques that I came across for improving my own flexibility and helping others improve theirs. The only trouble was, this technique didn't help everyone. And so I developed other techniques for muscle control. And that's why this course has a 1 at the end of it. There are other muscle control techniques for improving flexibility. However, in my experience, there isn't one technique that is the be all and the end all. And so I teach a range of techniques.

And so you could think of this as the first in a series. 

How it's taught

The muscle control for flexibility 1 course is a sequence of exercises taught via a series of videos. You can stream the videos or download them. Each exercise is demonstrated by myself, Neil Keleher, and you can either follow along, or better yet, watch an exercise (while following along), and then repeat it by yourself. 

The idea of these videos is to use them to learn how to do a particular stretch (or a particular muscle activation within a stretch) so that you can then do the exercise without the video. Then you can focus on feeling and controlling your body while doing each stretch.

Each video and exercise is clearly described, and each instruction set is short enough that you should be able to easily remember it so that you can do an exercise from short term memory. That means you can repeat the exercise and focus on feeling your body and controlling it.

In addition, each exercise involves repeated activation and relaxation of particular muscles. The speed of these activations is generally slow and smooth. 

  • The first goal is to get a feel for activating and relaxing a particular muscle or set of muscles. 
  • From there you can then work at making the activation and relaxation slow and smooth. 

The slow and smooth approach makes it easier to engage with your body and you may find that it makes the stretching more comfortable (or at the very least, more bearable.) You may also find that this approach makes the process of stretching more engaging. You may find that you enjoy the process of stretching. And that can help make it easier for you to stick to some sort of stretching routine.

Do you need any special props?

Since one of the main focuses is on improving hamstring flexibility, there will be a lot of standing forward bends. If you can't touch the floor with your hands while your knees are straight, then you can rest your hands on your shins, or if you have a chair or yoga blocks, use those instead. I demonstrate some of the poses with a chair, and point out when you might choose to use a chair (or a table, or even a wall, when balance is required).

Also, there are some knee-on-the-floor positions where you might need to place something under your knee for knee comfort (a folded over yoga mat or towel will do). 

You don't necessarily need a yoga mat. The only reason I'd suggest using one is for grip. 

The lessons: 

Total video content is about 2hrs long. Videos are grouped into 9 sections. You could potentially go through the whole set of videos in a single session. You could also choose to focus on going through one, two or three sections at a time. 

  • 0 intro 1 5:12
  • 0 intro 2 props 0:52
  • 0 intro 3 mat 0:36

  • 1-1 toe activation basics 3:05
  • 1-2 standing f-bend with toe activation 2:22
  • 1-3 finger basics 1:01
  • 1-4 standing f-bend, toe activations 0:33
  • 1-5 toe activation 2 3:34
  • 1-6 standing f-bend, toe activations 2 3:22

  • 2-01 forearm rotation intro 0:38
  • 2-02 forearm rotations 2:36
  • 2-03 forearm rotation notes 0:53
  • 2-04 heel rotations (tilting) 2:01
  • 2-05 knee rotations 1:09
  • 2-06 knee rotation notes 1:42

  • 2-07 basic knee and quad activation while sitting 1:34
  • 2-08 basic elbow and triceps activation 1:56
  • 2-09 single overhead arm reach 1:25
  • 2-10 dual overhead arm reach and hand touch 1:15
  • 2-11 dual overhead arm reach notes 0:41
  • 2-12 active elbow closing 1:34
  • 2-13 knee and quad activation while standing 1:09
  • 2-14 knee and quad activation 2 1:13
  • 2-15 squat, active knee closing 1:42
  • 2-16 standing f-bend, knee and quad activation 1:23

  • 3-01 heel rotations 2 1:24
  • 3-03 note on sequencing actions 1:16
  • 3-04 half moon 1 heel 1:40
  • 3-05 half moon 2 knee 1:28
  • 3-06 half moon note 0:55
  • 3-09 standing f-bend 2 intro 0:40
  • 3-10 standing f-bend 2 0:54
  • 3-11 standing f-bend, feet together 1:13
  • 3-12 standing f-bend, hands free option 0:16
  • 3-14 arms back and up 0:48
  • 3-15 arms back and up options 0:14
  • 3-16 arms forwards and up 1:28

  • 4-06 standing f-bend note 0:51
  • 4-07 options for deepening a stretch 1:29
  • 4-09 half moon 1:24
  • 4-10 half moon options, reps per side 0:24
  • 4-12 muscle control sequencing options 0:55
  • 4-13 square lunge 2:31
  • 4-14 upright deep lunge 2:01
  • 4-15 lunge, transitioning between sides 0:51
  • 4-16 upright lunge notes, experimenting 1:31
  • 4-17 upright lunge, standing 0:19
  • 4-18 notes, options for exploration 0:31

  • 5-01 pyramid pose, hamstring control 2:45
  • 5-02 pyramid pose, relaxed hamstring stretching 2:03

  • 5-03 hip bone references 1 2:24
  • 5-04 basic hip bone adjustment for tilting 0:38
  • 5-05 hip bone references 2 1:19
  • 5-06 movement execution note, slow and smooth 0:19
  • 5-07 hip flexor activation 1 1:41
  • 5-08.hip flexor activation note 1:12
  • 5-09 hip flexor activation 2 1:34
  • 5-10 standing, hip flexor activation 0:49

  • 5-12 pyramid pose, hip flexor control overview 0:44
  • 5-13 pyramid pose upright, hip flexor control 1:14
  • 5-14 pyramid pose, hip flexor control 1:30
  • 5-15 pyramid pose, refined hamstring control 1:44
  • 5-16 pyramid pose note 0:36
  • 5-17 pyramid pose, refined hip flexor activation 3:43
  • 5-18 standing f-bend, refined hip flexor activation 1:56

  • 5-19 hamstring activation 1:37
  • 5-20 low lunge, hamstring activation 1:21
  • 5-21 upright lunge, hamstring activation 1:43
  • 5-22 pyramid pose, active hamstring lengthening intro 2:07
  • 5-23 pyramid pose, active hamstring lengthening 3:16
  • 5-24 pyramid pose, note on pulling down 0:43
  • 6-01 varying direction location of pull 2:46
  • 6-02 differences in technique 1:07

  • 6-03 hamstring activation 1:02
  • 6-04 hamstring hip flexor activation ranges 1:40
  • 6-05 hamstring hip flexor activation notes 0:31
  • 6-06 half moon alt hip flexors hamstrings 2:34
  • 6-07 triangle pose actions intro 0:41
  • 6-08 triangle pose 1 2:16
  • 6-09 adjusting for sensation then fine tuning 0:37
  • 6-10 triangle pose 2a deeper 1:28
  • 6-11 triangle pose 2b adding spine control 2:32
  • 6-12 note muscle cramping 0:57

  • 6-13 seated wide leg prep 1:39
  • 6-14 seated wide leg side bend 1:52
  • 6-15 seated wide leg side bend 2 spine 1:43
  • 6-16 seated wide leg front bend 1:57
  • 6-17 hamstrings first or hip flexors 0:47

  • 6-18 seated single leg front bend leg position options 1:04
  • 6-19 single leg seated front bend 1:51
  • 6-20 avoiding over use 1:57

  • 7-1 half side split intro 0:33
  • 7-2 half side split upright 1:36
  • 7-3 half side split note body positioning 1:16
  • 7-4 half side split quadrants 2:20
  • 7-5 half side split heel knee hip 2:45
  • 7-6 half side split adjustment notes 1:38
  • 7-7 side splits 1:35
  • 7-8 side spits note on action sequencing 1:09

  • 8-01 front back splits intro 0:29
  • 8-02 front back split prep 3:22
  • 8-03 front back split options 1:05
  • 8-04 front back split front leg focus 2:45
  • 8-05 front back split note on back leg hip 0:32
  • 8-06 front back split intro to back leg 0:24
  • 8-07 front back split back leg focus s1 1:23
  • 8-08 front back split back leg focus s2 1:23
  • 8-09 kneeling 1 interlude 1:01
  • 8-10 front back split dual leg focus 2:03
  • 8-11 kneeling 2 interlude 0:26
  • 8-12 side splits note more options 0:24

  • 9-1 options 0:57
  • 9-2 recovery from splits half moon 0:47
  • 9-3 recovery from splits standing twist 1:29
  • 9-4 recovery from splits revolving triangle 2:20
  • 9-5 resting 0:57
  • 9-6 end 1:29

A Sensational Guarantee

This course is designed to help you feel your body and control it with techniques specifically selected to help improve flexibility. 

That being said, these techniques won't work for everybody. 

And so the course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied, let me know within 30 days of purchase. My email is included with the course. 
You can also contact me if you have questions related to the course. 

What this course isn't

The lessons in this course are designed to help you learn to feel and control aspects of your body so that you can stretch more effectively. While some basic poses/stretches are provided, a long term stretching routine isn't included. 
That being, said you can cobble together a routine from these exercises. And more importantly, you should be able to apply the muscle control techniques learned in this course to poses that aren't specifically taught in this course. 


If you are totally new to learning your body, you might find it helpful to get the 5 basic routines for beginners. That includes 5 routines designed for basic body awareness. It goes over some basic body awareness exercises not included in this course. 
Another option is frictional muscle control. This may be particularly useful if you have difficulty feeling your body. It includes simple muscle control techniques for activating arm and leg muscles and also includes how to apply these techniques to poses like chaturanga as well as front-back splits and side splits.
Another option is extreme muscle control. This routine focuses on activation of the extremities and so has some overlap with the material in this course. 
These options can be purchased individually. 

You can also get them with Muscle control for flexibility for a substantial discount.

Note that the frictional muscle control and extreme muscle control course offer other muscle control techniques for improving flexibility. And so together with muscle control for flexibility 1 you'll have a pretty good set of options for helping to improve your flexibility.

If you do get the combined package (so muscle control for flexibility 1 along with frictional muscle control and extreme muscle control) you could use these on alternate days (or alternate weeks) for a more varied approach to improving your flexibility.

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