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-Know to flow $12.99

Learn how to get into the flow at will and how repeatedly switching between being in the flow and thinking can help you learn to understand yourself (as well as whatever you are studying). (pdf, mobi, epub)

-Balance basics $24.00

Learn how to balance no matter how big your foundation is. Learn the essence of balance and how to make it a general skill versus activity specific. (pdf, mobi, epub)

-Yoga Basics 1 $24.00

With simple pushing actions, get a feel for how parts of your body react when not stabilized. Learn how direct forces so that you can work with minimal effort.

-Yoga Basics 2 $24.00

Building up on yoga basics 1, here the focus is on applying force while also creating stability. Yoga basics 1 and 2 together give you a better understanding of how you can control your body and as well helps you to understand the idea of different control "intents".

-Dance of shiva $32.00

If there's any practice that can give you the tools and understanding to learn almost anything, the dance of shiva is it. Learn the basics of this practice and how to learn it easily. (pdf, mobi, epub)

-Working towards wheel pose $24.00

A big part of getting wheel pose is practice, but here's how to apply intelligence to your practice so that you can work towards wheel pose a little bit easier. (pdf, mobi, epub)

-The hip control guide $24.00

The hip control guide starts with a simple set of exercises for the hip flexors. From there you'll get to try simple exercises for improving hip awareness and hip control with a focus on the deeper muscles that work on the hip joint. You'll also learn a basic methodology for practicing muscle control to the point that you can feel and control particular muscles without having to think about it. (pdf, mobi, epub)

All of the above ebooks are delivered in pdf, mobi and epub format. 

You can download all three formats.

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Ebook bundle

0 ratings
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