Yoga For Your Shoulders: Simple Exercises for Stabilizing, Stretching and Strengthening Your Shoulders

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Improve shoulder awareness, flexibility, and strength.

Because the shoulder girdle rests on the ribcage, and has muscles that attach to the neck as well as other parts of the spine, yoga for your shoulders includes exercises for feeling and controlling the neck and ribcage. 

Rather than just learning how to stretch and strengthen your shoulders, yoga for your shoulders includes simple instructions (and exercises) for learning to feel your shoulder blades (as well as your neck and ribcage). This then makes it easier to stretch and strengthen said body parts.

General awareness exercises for the shoulders and related body parts focus on "unweighted" movements first. These are movements where the arms aren't bearing body weight. As such these movements make it easier to "tune-in" to the activation sensations generated by various shoulder muscles.

From there you can carry that same shoulder awareness and shoulder control into arm supported yoga poses including table top, reverse plank, dangle pose, cat pose, plank pose, downward dog, upward dog, chaturanga dandasana and wheel pose. You'll also have the option of some basic exercises for preparing for inversions like headstand, handstand and forearm stand.

The final section in this ebook includes some relaxed, gravity assisted and wall assisted shoulder stretches. Note that while these are called "relaxed" stretches, parts of the body are activated to ensure that the muscles being stretched have a stable anchor. 

Three formats

This book is available in three formats, pdf, epub and mobi (for kindle). You get access to all three formats with one single purchase.

30 day money back guarantee.

If it's not what you wanted, I'll give you your money back. 

The exercises are abundantly illustrated and include clear instructions. If you are in doubt about any of the exercises, you can always contact me for clarification.

One thing the book doesn't include is a clear cut workout routine. 

Instead you are provided with poses and their counterposes, plus a clear set of instructions for feeling and controlling parts of your body related to your shoulders. 

Pick a few exercises that you like, that balance each other, and practice those till you are ready to move on to something new. 

Many of the exercises or tips on what to focus on can be used within an existing practice or even while you are taken part in a led class. And the awareness that you learn in these exercises can be applied in other exercises, even ones not included in this book.


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Yoga For Your Shoulders: Simple Exercises for Stabilizing, Stretching and Strengthening Your Shoulders

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